Setting up our DNS service on Mikrotik router via terminal

The instructions below will guide you to setup our DNS service on your Mikrotik router via the terminal interface. If you prefer setting up our service via the web GUI, you can follow our instructions in the link below:

Setting up our DNS service into your Mikrotik router via web GUI

If you would like to setup our DNS service via terminal, you would first have to ensure that the computer or device that you're trying to access with is within the same network as the router. After that, connect to the Mikrotik router and login to the terminal interface.

You can do this by using Putty (Windows) and SSH into your Mikrotik router's IP whereby the default IP is . However, this might be different depending on your router settings. For other operating systems such as Mac OS X, Linux based operating systems (Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Mint and others) you can SSH into the router by using Terminal. 

Take note that the default username is admin and there is no password.

If you have difficulties looking for your router IP, you can refer to our instructions below:

How to find your Default Network Gateway

Once you've done that, you can setup our DNS service by entering the commands below:

/ip dns set servers=, \

\...  allow-remote-requests=yes

Note: The recommended DNS address found in the Client Area page might be different for you. In this case, just replace the two DNS address above with the one that is recommended to you, separated by comma.

If you have any problems and need any further information, please send us an email to and we will do our best to assist you.

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