While previously restrictive, Amazon today provides a very flexible way to watch videos from their online library on your Android phone or tablet.

There are 2 main ways to watch Amazon Video on your Android device:

1. Download the Amazon Video app and start streaming video from Amazon.com

2. Download the Amazon Video app, as well as the Amazon shopping app and stream the video from from the Amazon shopping app instead.

The difference between the two methods listed above is that the second method allows you to quickly browse video titles in the Amazon shopping app, whereas the first option requires you to open the Amazon.com website everytime you try to watch a video as you'll need to browse the available titles from Amazon's website directly.

We recommend that you follow the second method as the experience is much smoother when accessing the Amazon Video service.

To download the Amazon Video app, first of all please follow our Amazon App Store installation guide to install the Amazon app store on your Android device.

Please note that the step above is necessary to download the Amazon Video app, so please go through our App Store installation guide first.

Once you've installed the Amazon App Store, please follow the instructions below to install the Amazon Video app:

Step 1


Open the Amazon App Store and in the search bar, please enter Amazon video.

Amazon Video app download

Once the results appear on screen, please tap on Prime Instant Video to continue to the download screen.

Step 2


Tap on Install to download and install the Amazon Video app to your Android device.

Amazon video app download prompt

Once the installation begins, please tap on Next to continue and finalise the installation procedure.

Amazon video installation confirmation

Once the installation is successful, you can find the app on your home screen as a shortcut, or in your app drawer menu.

At this point, you can choose to continue with completing the Amazon experience on your Android device or jump right into Amazon Instant Video.

If you prefer not to install the Amazon shopping app, simply tap on the second option in the pop up menu that appears and follow the instructions in Step 3(a):

Step 3(a)

This will take you to the Amazon.com website. Please note that if you have the Amazon shopping app installed on your Android device, you will be redirected to the app instead which will be much faster and ensure a smoother experience when using Amazon services.

Amazon video Greeting screen

If you choose to stick with the Amazon website, you are free to enjoy Amazon video right away.

As an example, you will always be greeted with the screen below when accessing the Amazon video app without installing the Amazon shopping app:

Amazon website


Step 3(b) 

If you'd prefer to install the Amazon shopping app, please continue with the steps below:

While still in the Amazon video app please tap on Get the Amazon app for Android

Amazon instant video greeting screen highlighted

You will be greeted with instructions on downloading the app to your phone. Please read through the guide and when you're ready to install the app, please tap on Download the Amazon app.

Install Amazon shopping app

Step 4

You will then be directed to the Amazon App Store to download the Amazon shopping app.

Amazon shopping app

Step 5

Once the shopping app has been downloaded, you have 2 options: 

1. You can choose to navigate to the shopping app and select any video from Amazon's library to watch them via the Amazon Instant Video app. 

2. Open the Instant Video app which will automatically redirect you to the Amazon shopping app to select your desired video.

Either method is seamless and will automatically redirect you whenever necessary.

Additionally, part of the convenience the app brings is that you can easily switch between different Amazon regions from within the app itself.

For example, if you're currently on the USA Amazon page, all you need to do is open the side menu by tapping on the icon on the top left hand side of the app, scroll down to Change Country and select the country you wish to switch to.

Amazon shopping app change country

Please note that if you have Amazon Prime USA, you will need to subscribe to Amazon Prime UK should you choose to switch to that region to watch any UK Amazon Prime content

*Amazon Prime is not transferable between countries.