Your web browser's cache stores certain information about webpages you visit, so that they'll load more quickly in the future. Whilst this is usually a good thing, sometimes out of date information and even your previous location can get cached and this can cause problems.

If you need to clear your browser cache, please see the relevant link below which will guide you through the process with full instructions and screenshots on how to clear the cache for all major web browsers:

clear cache for Microsoft Edge Microsoft Edge

clear cache for Internet Explorer  Internet Explorer

clear cache for Mozilla FirefoxMozilla Firefox

cear cache on Google ChromeGoogle Chrome

clear cache for Safari 5.xSafari 5.x (OSX Lion)

clear cache for Safari 6 & 7Safari 6 & 7 (OSX Mavericks)

clear cache for Safari 8Safari 8 (OSX Yosemite)

clear cache for Safari 10Safari 10 (macOS Sierra)

clear cache for Apple iPhoneApple iPhone

clear cache for Apple iPadApple iPad

clear cache for Android native browserAndroid 3.x (Honeycomb)

clear cache for Chrome on AndroidAndroid 4.x (Chrome browser)