Disable Flash plug-in on browsers (Windows, Mac)

Please note:

This is an advanced procedure that will disable Flash on your browser. 

Flash is required by a number of different websites for a variety of purposes.

If you do not know if you require Flash, please do not follow the instructions below.

Listed below are links to steps to disable the Flash plug-in on Windows and Mac browsers. Please note that the step-by-step guide shown in the links below only  disables Flash and does not remove the plug-in from your computer completely.

If you ever need to re-enable Flash, you can do so by following the additional steps shown in the links below:


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge

Mozilla Firefox




Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox


If you encounter any further difficulties with Flash or require any further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact our technical support team at support@simpletelly.com

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