What's this UUID used for SimpleTelly DNS service?

The UUID is a  Universal Unique IDentifier.

In relation to our  SimpleTelly Smart DNS service, we use it to allow you to register your location or IP address without having to log in to our website. This makes it really easy to ensure that your IP address is always registered.

Most home internet connections use dynamic IP addresses, this means that although they stay the same for long periods, when your router is restarted or your ISP restarts something their end, you get a different IP address. It doesn't happen often, but when it does you'll need to register your new address with us before you can watch anything.

Now this doesn't sound like to great a hardship, but believe me, when the other members of your household are on the phone asking why the supported online TV such as Hulu or BBC no longer works or you've just got into bed, switched on the Roku to watch something and it doesn't work, you'll realize what a pain this can be. 

Also, if you are moving around, ie not on the same network, you need to register again each time you move.

Using our  UUID registration system can vastly simplify this or even automate it.

To start using the UUID feature for  SimpleTelly, firstly you need to identify your address by following the steps below:

  1. Login to our website
  2. Click on Check My Setup
  3. Click on View UUID
  4. Click on the unique line of characters from the Your UUID field and it will open the full URL in a new tab as per example below:

The page will be empty except for the line that state (" ERR":"0","MSG":"UID successful registered") indicating your IP has been successfully registered.

There are a number of ways to simplify or automate this, for more details please refer to our Knowledge Base article below:

What can I do with my UUID?

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