How to take a screenshot in Windows

Occasionally, you would have to take a screenshot of your computer for us to look into the issue that you're having.

To take a screenshot on your Windows machine, please refer to the steps below:
Windows 8/8.1:
1) To take a full screen shot of your display, press the  Windows Key + Print Screen button

2) The screenshot should now be in your  Pictures / Screenshots folder.

To take just the screenshot of the selected  window / folder 

1) Press  Alt + Print Screen button. This will save the current screenshot into the clipboard to be pasted later. 

2)  Press  Windows + Q and search for  Paint.

3) Press on  Control + V and your screenshot will be pasted into  Microsoft Paint and you can  save the image to anywhere you desire. 
Windows 7 or XP:
1) Press the  Control Key + Print Screen button on your keyboard for a full screen shot of your display. Alternatively, you can use  Alt + Print Screen button to take just the screenshot of the selected  window / folder.
2)  Windows XP - open  Microsoft Paint by going to Start -> Run -> type in  mspaint and then  click on OK.
     Windows 7 - open  Microsoft Paint by going to Start and then type in  mspaint in the search bar and then  press on Enter.

3) Press the  Control + V in Microsoft Paint and your screenshot will be pasted.

4)  Save the image to anywhere you desire.

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