SimpleTelly DNS Test On Android

Some Internet service providers (ISP) uses transparent proxies and filtering system that may interfere with services such as ours and other smart DNS providers. This is usually common at the following locations or Networks.

  • Public WiFi
  • Satellite Internet
  • 3G/4G (Mobile Data)
  • Hotel Network

To confirm on these restrictions, you will first need to follow SimpleTelly setup instructions for Android system. Once you've set up our service, please proceed to the steps below:

Important: Please ensure that our DNS addresses has been entered in your WiFi settings and you've registered your IP address on our website as per the setup instructions.

First of all, Download DNS Lookup app from Play Store. This free utility app allows you to query a specified DNS server or your carrier’s DNS servers for common DNS records.

Once you've downloaded it, launch theDNS Lookup app, type in the following command as per below at the  search box and tap on Enter at your keyboard.

Now, you will get some results in the white box below the search bar.  Double tap on it, you should be able to copy the results.

Once you've copied, please send us the result via an email or open a support ticket using the online form so that we can analyse further to see whether your network is compatible with our service or not.

Note: If you're having problems copying, please take a screenshot of the result screen and send it to us.

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