Spoof GPS location on iOS devices

Unfortunately some apps on iOS devices require Location Services enabled to work.

If Location Services are disabled, the app that requires it will return an error and force you to activate it to be given access.

While our service will give you access to services in the countries we support, it does not spoof the GPS location of your device.

Because of this, any app that uses the GPS feature of your device will still be aware of your current location.

The only way to spoof or fake your current location and still gain access to the app that uses this feature, would be to jailbreak your device.

Be warned however, that some apps are designed to stop functioning if it detects that your device is jailbroken.

Because of this, SimpleTelly does not recommend that you jailbreak your device as this may cause unintended issues with some apps on your device.

At this point, we recommend that you either try the same service on a different device or on your computer.

However, if you accept all the risks involved and are interested in pursuing this option, please visit the link below for further information on what apps you can use with a jailbroken device to access these services:

How to fake your location on iOS

If you have any further questions on this, please don't hesitate to contact our support team at support@simpletelly.com and we'll do our best to advise further.

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