Differences between Netflix regions, which is the best?

We've noticed a number of our customers wondering which Netflix region provides the best and most varied content.

I'm afraid this is a question that really has no definitive answer.

While about 70-80% of the content is fairly similar across all Netflix regions, each region does have exclusive content not available elsewhere. This exclusivity generally happens because of contract talks between movie or TV studios and Netflix. So while you can binge watch TV shows like 24 on Netflix UK, you can't do the same on Netflix USA as that particular show is exclusive to Amazon Prime in the US.

Also, because of the difference in licensing agreements, you'll sometimes find shows like Breaking Bad show up on Netflix UK just a day after its USA premiere!

At the end of the day, however, as a SimpleTelly customer, you have nothing to fear. If Netflix USA does not have shows you want to watch, simply login to our Netflix Region Changer and change to another region!

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