Is SimpleTelly a VPN service?

SimpleTelly is not a VPN service. A VPN service masks your current IP address and allows you to access a wide range of geo-restricted sites.

SimpleTelly does not encrypt or change your IP address. Instead, our service masks your location from specific websites that our service supports.

We have noticed that a large number of people stream geo-restricted content through a VPN connection. While this usually works fine, there have been many reports that show a VPN connection slows down the Internet connection so much that watching streaming video becomes frustrating and sometimes downright impossible as the buffering occurs too often.

Because of how SimpleTelly works, your Internet speed will not suffer from any of the slowdowns or streaming interruptions that you'd normally experience with standard VPN services. SimpleTelly's streaming will be wholly dependent on both your Internet connectivity speed and the stability of your Internet to the service you're watching.

We are aware that there are many DNS services online, some even available free of charge, however we believe our service stands out in many ways and if you're interested to know more about this, please feel free to visit our blog article on this subject:

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