Will SimpleTelly work for me?

Generally speaking, SimpleTelly will work fine anywhere in the world there is Internet access. However, there are some very specific instances where SimpleTelly might not work at all. In most cases, SimpleTelly fails to work because the ISP you're using does not allow customised DNS changes. In cases like this, even if the DNS on your computer is changed to SimpleTelly DNS, the DNS servers are automatically rerouted by the ISP and go back to the default DNS addresses.

We've found that the following situations sometimes prevent SimpleTelly from working:

1. Connecting from a 3G or 4G network.
There are multiple ways of connecting through a data plan. One is by using an external mobile/mini router and another method is to slot in the SIM card directly into your device and connect to the Internet that way.

Some 3G/4G networks support DNS changes but only if the SIM is entered into an external router. If the SIM card is inserted directly into the device, you will not be able to change the DNS address as mobile devices do not allow DNS changes on SIM cards.

2. Public WiFi.
Many public WiFi networks restrict content so that access to the Internet is not congested by streaming video.

The best way to see if your ISP performs any DNS filtering or censoring is by visiting OpenDNS and performing their OpenDNS Test.

To give OpenDNS's test a try, please follow the instructions below:

1. Open the link below and follow the instructions:


2. Open the link below to confirm that the changes you made above have been accepted:


Should the change not be accepted by OpenDNS, then unfortunately it could be that your ISP is restricting the use of custom DNS.

If you'd rather try our service right away, please feel free to give our 2 week free trial a try and let us know how you get on!

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